Investing in the places we love

Illustration combining the silhouette of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and the outline of the state of Oregon

We love where we live

That’s why funds support our community and create local jobs through the PGE Renewable Development Fund.

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We love where we play

That's why Green Future program funds go to The Nature Conservancy to restore local fish habitats.

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We love keeping the NW special

That’s why we work to support more local renewable energy through the program.

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We love taking care of our neighbors

That’s why proceeds from Green Future go toward supporting underserved communities.

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Restore natural habitats

Thanks to Green Future participants and a partnership with The Nature Conservancy, local conservation organizations have restored over 360 miles of Oregon rivers and streams. The Spring Park restoration project in the City of Milwaukie is just one of many that help protect salmon habitat and water quality for our state.

A photo of three workers installing solar panels on a roof.

Support community organizations

Enrolling in Green Future means supporting local renewable energy projects like this solar array at Northwest Family Services (NWFS) in Portland. Thanks to participants, NWFS installed 128 solar panels that will cover at least 55% of the building’s electricity needs, and further support the organization’s mission of reducing poverty in the Portland-Salem metro area.

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Green Future work?

    Green Future makes it easy to match some or all of your home’s electricity use with renewable resources like wind and solar. You choose the level that’s right for you, and PGE purchases renewable energy sourced from Oregon and other Western states on your behalf. The cost is added to your monthly bill, so there are no separate payment statements. Your participation reduces your environmental impact and supports renewable energy projects right here in our local communities!

  • If I enroll in Green Future, is renewable energy directly coming to my home?

    No, renewable energy is not coming directly to your home. Once any type of energy is produced and added to the electric grid, it’s not possible to tell what source it came from. But, when you participate in Green Future, PGE purchases Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) on your behalf. These RECs represent the environmental benefit of one megawatt-hour of renewable energy being delivered to the electric grid. Adding more renewable energy to the grid reduces the need for non-renewable types of energy, which means your participation makes a positive difference for the environment.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost depends on the option you choose, and the price starts at $1.88 per month. The most popular option is to match 100% of your home’s electricity use with local and regional renewable energy. The typical residential customer uses around 795 kilowatt-hours and they would pay about $7 per month on average to match 100%. You also have the option to match a portion of your energy use for a fixed monthly price. Use our tool to find the option that’s right for you.

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