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Participating in Green Future means making a difference for the environment and our future. Find out your custom cost and impact by answering one simple question:

Great work! 🎉 You’re currently living lighter on the planet by using less electricity than the average customer. Make an even bigger impact by matching your electricity use with renewable energy through Green Future.

With Green Future Block, you can support renewable energy at a fixed monthly cost. Each block costs $1.88 per month and supports 200 kilowatt-hours of renewable energy.

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You can also find your electricity use by logging into your account and selecting "By Usage" in the "My Use" section.

Enrolling is as easy as 1-2-3

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Step 1: Choose the option that works for you

Maybe you like to go all in. If so, pick 100% renewable and all of your electricity is matched for about $7 more on average per month.* Or you can dip your toe in and start by matching a portion of your electricity use at a fixed cost each month by choosing the “block” option.

*Based on the average residential electricity use of 795 kilowatt-hours per month
Looking for business options?

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Step 2: Fill out the form

We know, we know. We’re not big fans of forms either. That’s why we made this one simple. Just pour yourself a cup of tea and fill in all the fields. You’ll probably be done before your tea even cools.

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Step 3: Cost is added to your monthly bill

No payment dates to remember. No separate checks. It all gets automatically added to your PGE bill every month. See, we told you it was easy.

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What you get (other than a good feeling inside)

More renewable energy projects at community organizations in Oregon

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A tangible impact you can see through a personalized report each year

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Less hassle with a cost that’s added directly to your electric bill

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Local job creation through renewable energy projects in your community