Additional benefits for your business

  • Support renewable energy and the positive environmental impact it creates
  • Access promotional opportunities
  • Show your environmental commitment to employees and customers

Your customers will thank you

More than 225,000 residential PGE customers are participating, and they want businesses to join too. In fact, in a recent survey of Green Future participants, 92% of respondents said they would be more likely to support a business if they knew that the business was enrolled in Green Future.

“Participating in Green Future shows a business is doing their part in contributing to a more sustainable future. These are values I want to support in my community.”
“I would be more likely to support a business that is enrolled in Green Future because they would be aware of the importance of clean energy to the environment and its future."

What other businesses are saying

More than 3,500 businesses throughout Oregon have already joined the Green Future community.

"As a business, we seek out ways to minimize our environmental impact...Participating in PGE's Green Future program was a total no brainer."

– Meredith Mortensen, owner of Portland Cookshop

"We joined to be part of the community supporting renewable energy that will eventually create a cleaner future for everyone."

– Nick Potts, owner of Odd Moe's Pizza in Hillsboro